Fresh and Healthy Orange Banana Smoothie

If you love fruit smoothies, this one is tasty, easy to make, citrusy sweet and packed with goodness.

This 5-ingredient smoothie takes 5 mins to put together. The combination of Orange and banana is just superb, complementing each other very well. The yoghurt adds a thickness along with protein.

I use frozen banana; this adds a lovely creamy texture. But if you do not have frozen, just add more ice cubes.

I used a seedless orange for this recipe, just chopped the whole orange and put it into the blender. If you do not have a seedless variety just chop and deseed prior to use. The honey adds some sweetness along with a yummy taste.

Can substitute the low-fat milk with a milk of your choice like Almond, coconut or soy.

Sip this cool and refreshing drink for breakfast or during the day. It is full of vitamins that can be easily whipped up if you are in a rush and ideal to take on the go.

An excellent way to get some of your fruit serving for the day and is all fresh and natural.


1 Orange (Used whole including the skin, just chopped)

½ Frozen Banana

½ cup low fat Greek yoghurt

½ cup low fat Milk

½ tablespoon Honey

Ice cubes


Combine all the ingredients together in a blender and process until smooth.

Refrigerate if consuming later.


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