Christmas Gifts

Photo credit: Pexels Are you ready for Christmas? A question that I seem to come across quite often this month. And my usual response is ‘Getting there’. There is a lot going on for most of us at this time. I feel a bit more organized as I got my hubby’s and son’s gifts sorted... Continue Reading →

Give Careful Thought

View of the Sunset at the place we stayed I take a break this week from my Numbers study series. Hubby and I along with our dog Buzzbe went on a short trip south of where we live. Basically, out of the city, out of suburbia into a quiet country town for some much needed... Continue Reading →

Near the Lord

Psalm 73:28a "But for me it is good to be near God." I take a break for this week from our study through the book of Numbers. I share something that we so well know of, but need to be reminded of often. This is my 8yr old fur baby, Buzzbe, the resident toddler of... Continue Reading →

Buzzbe Diaries-Pilates

Hello everyone. Keeping everyone updated with Buzzbe's shenanigans. It was another beautiful morning at the park with Buzzbe. Given the importance of good exercise for your dog, besides a brisk walk in the park, some stretching can be very good for them. Animals learn through consequences and my clever pooch has seen the consequences of... Continue Reading →

Buzzbe Diaries

Let me introduce my fur baby, Buzzbe, he is a 5yr old King Charles Cavalier. He loves his food, he has a sixth sense about anyone opening a container of snacks anywhere within a km radius and like a genie will appear right next to you out of thin air. He loves a good cuddle... Continue Reading →

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