Buzzbe Diaries

Let me introduce my fur baby, Buzzbe, he is a 5yr old King Charles Cavalier. He loves his food, he has a sixth sense about anyone opening a container of snacks anywhere within a km radius and like a genie will appear right next to you out of thin air. He loves a good cuddle and is the cutest snuggle bud I could ask for. Life for me feels incomplete without the love of my pooch. Buzzbe has plenty to give and is showered with a lot of love from his humans.

This is him enjoying some time in the park during his morning walk.

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  1. So cute. I have wanted a dog for quite some time but because we travel so much in ou ministry it was not wise to have one. But our travel is getting less and we now reside in Northern Mn where my youngest granddaughter is and she loves animals so we will co own adog. A friend just wrote to me yesterday from Kentucky to let me know she is breeding her male Shiz Shu and they would like to give me one of the puppies. I have been trusting the Lord for a small puppy. I love the King Charles dog but they are so pricy, actually, any pure breed is. I want to get a kitty and raise the puppy and kitty together but that may be asking to much of my husband. Love these post. We can learn so much from animals.

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    1. Dogs are the best. I love them. My little cutie is 6.5 yrs now. We initially thought of getting a dog to give my son company ( being an only child). I hope you get a puppy that perfectly suits what your family needs.


  2. Oh, he is a little treat monster too. I’ve been dog sittings our neighbors dog Charlie. She loves her treats and, well, food in general. I have to sneak outside when I want to enjoy a meal without her staring, drooling on me and whining the whole time. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Otherwise she will end up receiving more of my food than I do.


    1. He is a treat monster. He stares at me whenever I eat. And whines too. There are times when I wish I could eat in peace but I guess if he is not around I would want him to be there staring at me for hope of some food.


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