Buzzbe Diaries-Pilates

Hello everyone. Keeping everyone updated with Buzzbe’s shenanigans. It was another beautiful morning at the park with Buzzbe. Given the importance of good exercise for your dog, besides a brisk walk in the park, some stretching can be very good for them. Animals learn through consequences and my clever pooch has seen the consequences of minimal exercise from me. So, he has been proactive and started his own doggie Pilates. Check him out in the photo. He seemed very particular with his stretches this morning. Just kidding, ha ha, Buzzbe’s sixth sense came alive in the park and he discovered that someone left some food scraps on top of that ledge. He was hoping to stretch and reach it, but his superpowers do not include elongation. Then he tried using his arsenal of sad and cute puppy dog eyes at me. He tried this for a while and then finally realised that he is not succeeding and begrudgingly gave up and moved on.

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