Buzzbe Diaries-Pilates

Hello everyone. Keeping everyone updated with Buzzbe’s shenanigans. It was another beautiful morning at the park with Buzzbe. Given the importance of good exercise for your dog, besides a brisk walk in the park, some stretching can be very good for them. Animals learn through consequences and my clever pooch has seen the consequences of minimal exercise from me. So, he has been proactive and started his own doggie Pilates. Check him out in the photo. He seemed very particular with his stretches this morning. Just kidding, ha ha, Buzzbe’s sixth sense came alive in the park and he discovered … Continue reading Buzzbe Diaries-Pilates

Buzzbe Diaries

Let me introduce my fur baby, Buzzbe, he is a 5yr old King Charles Cavalier. He loves his food, he has a sixth sense about anyone opening a container of snacks anywhere within a km radius and like a genie will appear right next to you out of thin air. He loves a good cuddle and is the cutest snuggle bud I could ask for. Life for me feels incomplete without the love of my pooch. Buzzbe has plenty to give and is showered with a lot of love from his humans. This is him enjoying some time in the … Continue reading Buzzbe Diaries