Many a thought may cross our minds during the course of the day. Love, worry, care, fear and anger to name a few. Our mind can literally dictate our state of wellbeing. Positive thoughts and emotions bring a surge of happiness and in turn make us feel we could take the world in our stride. But when anger, fear or worry cloud our minds, we begin to feel drained of every atom of strength left in us.


The human mind is most assuredly the most complex thing, which no one till date has managed to completely decipher. The varying complexities are what make each person unique. The mannerism of the mind is what creates the character of the person. The mind controls the body. One can imagine the power of the mind that when one decides to think in a particular way, the mind does achieve that. Should I say ‘Mind Bend’, in simpler terms the mind can bend the way it wishes to think. Too intriguing for us to get down to the intricacies but true it is.


One’s mind can make or break the person. The liberty of freewill is what gives us the opportunity to choose from what is right or wrong. The mind registers every miniscule happening in our lives, but only what we repeatedly recall stays vivid in our memories. The experiences we go through in our lives and the impact of these experiences affect us and, in a way, play a pivotal role in the formation of the frame of mind of the person. For instance, an unpleasant incident, which might have taken place early in life can cause an insecurity that can linger on till later in life even without the person being aware that he or she has altered the way of thinking so as to avoid the surfacing out of feelings that can probe those suppressed memories. But is suppression the answer to relief? If we cease to notice many around us have phobias. Phobias in a mild or aggressive manner may exist, many a time one not being aware of its existence in us. The love towards life makes us fear death; the love of luxury makes us fear poverty. Deep human wants makes our mind work in ways beyond our imagination. We strive to achieve, and the want to accomplish makes us fear the inability to achieve.


Are we under the impression that what we do and achieve is because of the capabilities of our mind or us? Does one rule one’s mind or does the mind rule over? The mind belongs and should be rightly ruled by its maker…GOD Himself. The one who is in concord with his or her ideas is not an enemy to oneself. But I say the one who is in harmony with the Lord is at peace with one self. No fear or anger or strife will find a place within if we choose to submit to God.


Lord, many a thought cross my mind,

My heart with fear trying to bind,

In thee O Lord, refuge I find,

Protect me with love like no other kind.



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