Simple Seared Tuna Steaks

This is a very simple, easy and elegant way to prepare tuna steaks.

It takes only a few minutes to prepare and is bursting with flavour.

My husband had this on one of his work trips and loved it and came back home and wanted me to give this a go. He was my sous chef for a bit. My son is not a big fan of fish and was very sceptical as he tasted it but he ended up loving this.

I served this tuna steaks drizzled with a homemade vinaigrette with sushi rice and a green salad

A seared tuna steak is different to the tuna we are used to seeing in a can. It is usually cooked rare or medium rare with it seared on the outside and red on the inside.

If eating a bit of raw fish is not for you, you can cook it all the way through. But you have to be aware of it not getting too dry. The common way is to eat it is medium rare and that is how it is served in most restaurants. But the beauty of the dish is that it can be cooked according to personal preference.

The lovely salty marinade on the outside with the soft and tender middle add amazing texture.

I used a non-stick pan for this, to prevent the tuna from sticking and breaking apart. The pan has to be searing hot prior to placing the steaks in it otherwise they will not sear well.

After they are done, let it rest for a bit and then they are ready to slice and enjoy.

Ingredients for the dry rub

Tuna Steaks – 6

Olive Oil



Crushed Chilli flakes

Vinaigrette Ingredients

Olive oil – 4 tablespoons

Lemon Juice – 1 tablespoon

Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 tablespoon

Soy Sauce – 2 tablespoons

Wasabi – ¼ – ½ teaspoon


1. Pat the Tuna steaks dry with a paper towel.

2. Coat the steaks with olive oil and set aside.

3. Prepare the dry rub with the remaining ingredients and coat the Tuna steaks on all sides with it. The oil on the steaks will help the dry rub to stick to the steaks.

4. Set these marinated steaks aside and prepare the vinaigrette.

5. Mix together all the ingredients for the vinaigrette and set aside.

6. Heat a non-stick pan, pour some olive oil and when the pan is really hot and ready sear the tuna steaks for a minute on all sides. If you would like it more done, sear it for 2 minutes on each side.

7. Let the seared steaks rest for a few minutes prior to slicing.

8. Once sliced, drizzle with vinaigrette and it is ready to serve.


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  1. Hats off for a post with delicious looking photos, interesting narrative, and well organized. I like recipes with few ingredients and ingredients we normally have in our kitchens. One thing I wonder your readers might be interested in is the cost. Were tuna steaks expensive?

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