Is God your Glory?

Jeremiah chapter 2 begins with a recount of Israel’s early relationship with God as evidenced by her devotion and willingness to follow him anywhere, even in the wilderness. God then asks, what wrong did your fathers find in me? There was no fault to be found in Him and yet the people went after other gods. And we continue to read in verse 5 that they “went after worthlessness and became worthless”.

This chapter entails Israel’s faithlessness. As we read through this we learn that despite the multitude of sins and the stubbornness of the Israelites, God still calls them ‘my people’. God does not want to simply punish the people and ensure that the relationship between them and Him are no more but rather he works to restore the people back to Him.

For us: Yes, Hope remains, if you are praying for a loved one who is yet to correct their ways and turn to the Lord, know that the Lord’s greatest desire is for all to know Him and so we too cling to hope because the Lord does not give up and neither should we. Our hope is rooted not in our efforts or anyone else’s but in who God is.  

In Jeremiah 2:11 we read “Has a nation ever changed its gods? (yet they are not gods at all). But my people have exchanged their Glory for worthless idols.”

We see God described as the ‘Glory of His people’ here. It intrigued me.

In 1 Samuel 15:29 we again see God described as the Glory of Israel “He who is the Glory of Israel does not lie or change His mind.”

In Luke 2:32 we read “The Lord is a light of revelation to the gentiles and the glory of your people Israel.”

Who are the people of God?

In Genesis 12:2, God says to Abraham “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.” This nation becomes Israel and they were recognised as the people of God. So, are any others considered people of God? Yes, Jesus came for each and every one of us and those that put their faith in Him are His. Those that follow Him, identify Him as their Lord and saviour and those who belong to Him through faith become part of the people of God.


The word Glory in Hebrew is ‘Kobad’, it is used to describe the weight or heaviness of something. The more important something is, the more Glory ascribed to it. It is something that is impressive and demands recognition.

We often ascribe Glory to God. He is worthy of it. Glory radiates from God. It is the beauty of His Spirit. It is who He is, His nature and character. It is His infinite worth. God’s glory has been described as His manifested presence, and also as the weightiness of His qualities such as His might, beauty, goodness, justice, love, grace and honour. This does not completely encompass it, as we with our finite minds cannot comprehend or describe what His glory is in its entirety.

God made everything to reveal His glory, all of nature exhibits His Glory “the heavens declare His glory (Psalm 19:1-4).  All of His actions on earth reveal His glory, His glory was revealed to us in Jesus, John 1:14 says “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

But when we look at God being described as the ‘Glory of his people’, what does that mean for us? Do we as a part of His people view Him as our Glory.

What is your glory? What in your life holds the weight of being the most important thing to which Glory (praise and honour) is ascribed?

In Isaiah 43:7 we read “everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”

Yes, we are created for His glory – our ways, our walk and our words are to bring Him Glory. That is our purpose but how can we do that well if we do not primarily identify with the fact that He is our Glory, that He should be the cause for any of our praise, the most magnificent part of our life, the reason for every honour.

What are we recognised by in our time here? Is it intelligence, fame, power, beauty, prestige or money?

Where do we find our worth or weight in – is it that which is in the temporary or that which is eternal.

When we reflect on the above two questions it makes us realise that ‘What we choose to find our worth in will often be what we will be identified by.

And what we are identified by in the world is what we often dedicate most of our time and energy towards and it can take the place of pre-eminence in our lives.

God never says things lightly or just for the whim of it. When He says that I am the Gory of my people, He wants that to be a reality for each one of us who call ourselves followers of Him.

The spirit in us will enable us to live in a manner that shapes us to be more like Christ every day but the questions is, if that is what we desire too? We have the knowledge that we should live a life pleasing to God but do the desires of the flesh and temptations of the world snuff out that desire before it becomes intended action. Are our desires aligned with that of God? Or like the verse in Jeremiah says, do we exchange God for worthless idols?

Our glory, that which our heart and our actions reveal what we give the most worth to in our lives, when not found to be God, but in things of the flesh, result in us not giving God His due place in our lives. And when there is less of God in our lives, we inadvertently make room for something else to take His place.

God says that He is the glory of His people, but ultimately it is a choice for us to ensure that it remains a lived-out reality every single day of our lives.

May God be the centre point around which everything else finds its position and place. May He be the most magnificent part of our lives and may God indeed be our Glory, the one who is ascribed a place of pre-eminence in our lives, the one who holds the most weight in the why and how of everything we do.

God Bless

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  1. Excellent post, Manu! God’s glory is indeed weighty and heavy, far more amazing than we can comprehend. As this world spirals more and more out of control I am actively pondering God’s glory. I do not ever want to trade God’s Truth for lies and idols. Our worth and purpose is in Christ. Thank you for this encouraging post!!!

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      1. Hi, Manu! I hope it’s ok to share this since I am new to your blog and didn’t want to come across as a know it all! Heavy/weighty in Jeremiah shares the same root word as Ex 8:15, 32; 9:7, 34; 10:1 where Pharaoh hardened his heart. The English would be translated “Pharaoh’s heart was heavy/weighty.” God hardened Pharaoh’s heart yes, but Pharaoh also made his own heart heavy/weighty when he failed to acknowledge God’s glory and let Israel go. I can’t help but to think if God isn’t our glory we are no different than Pharaoh. Oh how heavy, weighty and sick that makes us. Love and blessings sweet lady for this post!

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      2. Thank you for sharing Mandy. I more than welcome what you have to share and for getting to learn this way.
        I did not know the connection with those words and yes it does make me understand with a little more depth what it means to not acknowledge God as our Glory.
        Thank you 😊 and blessings to you too 🤗💙

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  2. This article is very inspiring and filled with much knowledge many of us lack in the area of God’s GLORY. Jeremiah 2:11 is a great reminder to never replace God with anyone or anything. Thank you for taking the time to study and doing the research to post this article. I truly agree that everything we do should be done for the GLORY of our Heavenly Father .🥰👣


  3. I loved what you said, “May God be the centre point around which everything else finds its position and place. May He be the most magnificent part of our lives and May God indeed be our Glory, the one who is ascribed a place of pre-eminence in our lives, the one who holds the most weight in the why and how of everything we do.” It is so important to continually evaluate God’s position in our lives and make sure our beliefs match our actions. Thanks for your encouragement!

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  4. I love how relevant and thoughtful your blogposts are. They make me stop and reflect. You ask some good questions here–ones I really need to take time to ponder. I especially want to keep the following question in mind as I live put my days: “What are we recognised by in our time here? Is it intelligence, fame, power, beauty, prestige or money?”
    Thank you for this post, Manu. God is using you to help believers grow. 💙


  5. Such a profound post. It is interesting to think about God being our glory, and us being God’s glory. It makes me want to do better about living completely for Him and Him alone. Do I turn to other things instead of the Lord? Yes, I fear I do. Our glory can be so many other things. Digging deep into our hearts and emotions and actions should help us reveal if other things are taking God’s place. I think it would do us good to hold everything lightly in our hands, but cling tightly to Jesus. As you said, “May God be the centre point around which everything else finds its position and place.” And I especially like that you pointed out that “it is a choice … every single day of our lives.” Thank you for this insightful post. Blessings, dear friend ❤️

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    1. Thank you Bridget. I agree, it does make me want to reflect on my life and want to live better for Him. I like what you said about clinging tightly to God and everything else being held lightly, that is a very good perspective to have in how we approach things of the world and God.
      Blessings to you too my dear friend 💙🌸

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  6. Your post made me think of the worship song- O the glory of your presence with lyrics of-Oh the glory of Your presence
    We Your temple
    Give You reverence
    Come and rise from Your rest
    And be blessed by our praise
    As we glory in Your embrace
    As Your presence
    Now fills this place

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  7. As you said, glory radiates from God; He formed us for His glory. From Him, all blessings flow. Let us embrace Him, praise Him and give Him the glory. “Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and the Holy Spirit…” Thank you, Manu, for reminding me to embrace God as my Glory. Have a blessed weekend! 💗🌟🌼🌺

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  8. Those two questions are thought provoking. We need to think about the legacy we leave behind as well as if the things we do here on Earth are contributing to eternity. We are to store up treasures in heaven. Material things will pass away. Thanks Manu 💙

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  9. Amazing post and message Manu. Very inspiring and motivating. Importantly, a very bold truthful and honest look at who we were created to be and where our loyalties and gaze should be. May our lives reflect that God is our Glory.

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