Truth or Falsehood

Photo by Magda Ehlers Jeremiah 28 details Jeremiah being confronted by a false prophet Hananiah. Hananiah stands in the temple of the Lord, before the priests and all the people and prophesises a very different future to what Jeremiah had been saying.  In verse 2-3, we read Hananiah say “This is what the Lord Almighty, the God... Continue Reading →

Is God your Glory?

Jeremiah chapter 2 begins with a recount of Israel’s early relationship with God as evidenced by her devotion and willingness to follow him anywhere, even in the wilderness. God then asks, what wrong did your fathers find in me? There was no fault to be found in Him and yet the people went after other... Continue Reading →

I will Praise You, Lord

At times when we feel a disconnect from God, we can feel lost, our anchor adrift and the silence that comes when we are not communing with God as we should can be soul crushing. In those moments, clarity of who truly is the solid rock on which we stand comes into focus. Psalms are... Continue Reading →

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