The Book of Numbers – The Last Men Standing

Num 26:1-2 “After the plague the Lord said to Moses and Eleazar son of Aaron, the priest, “Take a census of the whole Israelite community by families—all those twenty years old or more who are able to serve in the army of Israel.”  God instructed Moses to take a second census. We looked at the first census in Numbers 1,... Continue Reading →

Is God your Glory?

Jeremiah chapter 2 begins with a recount of Israel’s early relationship with God as evidenced by her devotion and willingness to follow him anywhere, even in the wilderness. God then asks, what wrong did your fathers find in me? There was no fault to be found in Him and yet the people went after other... Continue Reading →


Yesterday at my women's bible study that I have the privilege of leading, we were discussing the very familiar scripture passage Mathew 5:13-16 where Jesus calls us the salt and light of the world. We talked about the two and how we as believers are to influence the world around us. When Jesus calls us... Continue Reading →

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