Healthier Cornbread

There is something about a buttery moist texture with crispy edges that is so addictive. And that is why I love cornbread. It is so versatile, can be eaten on its own or can be a great addition to any dish that needs something to soak up some yummy goodness. This recipe is really easy to make, you do not have to be a skilled baker and you pretty much need just one bowl to mix it all in. Classic cornbread recipes have more sugar and butter, but as I have mentioned in my other post Healthier Banana Bread, I … Continue reading Healthier Cornbread

Direction and Destination

A very interesting and thought-provoking conversation ensued with a friend, where she discussed about finding herself in a place in life that is so far removed from where she thought she would be. In such a situation, do we question God. God’s plans for our lives can be so different to what we intend and foresee for our lives. We strive in our careers, have an approximate timeline of marriage by a certain age, owning a home and having kids. As life goes on, maybe our plans are just not working and nothing fits in our timeline anymore. This leads … Continue reading Direction and Destination

Healthier Banana Bread

Healthier Banana Bread A favourite breakfast or snack of mine is Banana Bread. I have been trying to eat healthier. I love anything sweet and I do love bananas, so in the quest of eating healthier, it was hard to comprehend a life without one of my favourites. So, I decided to adapt the recipe I always use to a healthier and as a result guilt free indulgence (or less guilty indulgence). It is made with ripe bananas, vegetable oil instead of butter and honey instead of sugar among other ingredients. You can use your choice of flour; I have … Continue reading Healthier Banana Bread

Buzzbe Diaries-Pilates

Hello everyone. Keeping everyone updated with Buzzbe’s shenanigans. It was another beautiful morning at the park with Buzzbe. Given the importance of good exercise for your dog, besides a brisk walk in the park, some stretching can be very good for them. Animals learn through consequences and my clever pooch has seen the consequences of minimal exercise from me. So, he has been proactive and started his own doggie Pilates. Check him out in the photo. He seemed very particular with his stretches this morning. Just kidding, ha ha, Buzzbe’s sixth sense came alive in the park and he discovered … Continue reading Buzzbe Diaries-Pilates

Buzzbe Diaries

Let me introduce my fur baby, Buzzbe, he is a 5yr old King Charles Cavalier. He loves his food, he has a sixth sense about anyone opening a container of snacks anywhere within a km radius and like a genie will appear right next to you out of thin air. He loves a good cuddle and is the cutest snuggle bud I could ask for. Life for me feels incomplete without the love of my pooch. Buzzbe has plenty to give and is showered with a lot of love from his humans. This is him enjoying some time in the … Continue reading Buzzbe Diaries


Many a thought may cross our minds during the course of the day. Love, worry, care, fear and anger to name a few. Our mind can literally dictate our state of wellbeing. Positive thoughts and emotions bring a surge of happiness and in turn make us feel we could take the world in our stride. But when anger, fear or worry cloud our minds, we begin to feel drained of every atom of strength left in us.   The human mind is most assuredly the most complex thing, which no one till date has managed to completely decipher. The varying … Continue reading THE MIND AND ITS MATTER