Homemade Woodfired Pizzas

Nothing can beat a well-made woodfired pizza, and being able to make one at home is just so satisfying. I have used this recipe and made pizzas in a regular oven prior to having a woodfired oven. It still comes out great but obviously will not have that woodfired flavour. My husband was obsessed with having a woodfired oven, we finally got one in December last year. After a few tries to hone our woodfired pizza skills, we braved making it for guests. Every year in late December or early January we invite a few neighbours and have a neighbourhood … Continue reading Homemade Woodfired Pizzas

Decadent Chocolate Coconut Slice

School is on a 2-week term break here down under in Australia. So besides having a permanently hungry teenager at home, I also have to make sure his friends are fed when they come around. Whenever I make this, his friends descend on it and it disappears so quickly, I had to pretend that it was not ready yet so I could get some pictures for this post. This recipe is quick and easy to whip up using ingredients already in the pantry and tastes delicious. All ingredients are mixed together in 1 bowl, how easy is that! This sweet … Continue reading Decadent Chocolate Coconut Slice

Quick and Easy Fish Stew with an Asian Twist

This one pot fish stew is a light meal that is easy and quick to whip up. Thai flavours and seafood are a great combination together. This dish is warm, flavourful and filling. This is a very versatile recipe as it can be easily adapted to add a fish of your choice and some prawns too if that meets with your taste. This recipe goes well with steamed rice. Ingredients White Fish Fillets, cut into small pieces- 1kg Vegetable Oil – 1 to 2 tablespoons Thai Red Curry paste – 220gms Coconut Milk – 400ml Fish Sauce – 2 teaspoons … Continue reading Quick and Easy Fish Stew with an Asian Twist

Fresh and Healthy Orange Banana Smoothie

If you love fruit smoothies, this one is tasty, easy to make, citrusy sweet and packed with goodness. This 5-ingredient smoothie takes 5 mins to put together. The combination of Orange and banana is just superb, complementing each other very well. The yoghurt adds a thickness along with protein. I use frozen banana; this adds a lovely creamy texture. But if you do not have frozen, just add more ice cubes. I used a seedless orange for this recipe, just chopped the whole orange and put it into the blender. If you do not have a seedless variety just chop … Continue reading Fresh and Healthy Orange Banana Smoothie

Quick Orange, Date and Walnut Loaf

I love a loaf with some fresh citrusy and fun flavours that I can just eat as is without having to slather something on it. This recipe is so simple to throw together – for starters, a whole orange (with the peel on!) along with orange juice, egg and oil are mixed in your blender. How easy is that!!! The dry ingredients are also just put together in the blender except for the dates and walnuts as we want them as yummy bits in the loaf and hence are added and mixed in at the end. Dates are like natures … Continue reading Quick Orange, Date and Walnut Loaf

Homemade Classic Waffles

My family loves Waffles, warm golden brown with crispy edges and a fluffy inside is what makes this a family favourite. This easy and delicious recipe is very simple to make. You do need a waffle maker; I use an electric one. Usually most recipes call for separating the eggs and whipping up the egg whites. That step used to dissuade me from making this often at home and I would often resort to satisfying my craving for a waffle at the café. But no more, my family and I enjoy having café style waffles at home with a recipe … Continue reading Homemade Classic Waffles

Healthy Spinach Banana Smoothie

A delicious, healthy and easy to make smoothie, packed with nutrients and is the perfect smoothie to get you going in the morning. It uses ingredients we always have on hand and you can barely taste the spinach. One of the benefits of consuming spinach and banana is the intake of essential nutrients like Vitamin A which is good for your immune system, retinas, and also acts as an antioxidant protecting cells from free radical damage. Vitamin K is essential for wound healing and bone metabolism. And Potassium helps control blood pressure, regulates fluid balance, facilitates muscle function and nerve … Continue reading Healthy Spinach Banana Smoothie

Flavoursome One Pot Chicken Curry

This warm flavourful chicken curry is comfort food, full of flavoursome goodness and one of my go-to favourites. If you are looking for a tasty and authentic curry, this recipe is it. Made in a single pot, this recipe is delicious and made from scratch. It can be made with bone-in pieces like thighs or legs or boneless pieces. I personally prefer bone-in pieces as the bones definitely do add more flavour. If using boneless pieces, the cooking time is much reduced so if you are in a hurry boneless may be a good option. I prefer to remove the … Continue reading Flavoursome One Pot Chicken Curry

Healthier Cornbread

There is something about a buttery moist texture with crispy edges that is so addictive. And that is why I love cornbread. It is so versatile, can be eaten on its own or can be a great addition to any dish that needs something to soak up some yummy goodness. This recipe is really easy to make, you do not have to be a skilled baker and you pretty much need just one bowl to mix it all in. Classic cornbread recipes have more sugar and butter, but as I have mentioned in my other post Healthier Banana Bread, I … Continue reading Healthier Cornbread

Healthier Banana Bread

Healthier Banana Bread A favourite breakfast or snack of mine is Banana Bread. I have been trying to eat healthier. I love anything sweet and I do love bananas, so in the quest of eating healthier, it was hard to comprehend a life without one of my favourites. So, I decided to adapt the recipe I always use to a healthier and as a result guilt free indulgence (or less guilty indulgence). It is made with ripe bananas, vegetable oil instead of butter and honey instead of sugar among other ingredients. You can use your choice of flour; I have … Continue reading Healthier Banana Bread