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I share with you all a snippet of my faith journey this past couple of weeks. I have been seeking the Lord to lead me to a book of the Bible to study next. Regarding my Bible reading plan for the year, it consists of both structure and a lack of it too. And by that I mean, I am unstructured when it comes to having the whole year of my bible reading plan sorted as I keep myself open to the Lord’s leading with where in the bible He takes me to next. But once I know which book or topic, I am structured in following through. I have tried different ways and found this one the best approach for me personally.

Back to me seeking my stop in the word for now. I did not sense a firm ‘yes’ from God yet. So, I thought maybe with my newfound novice skill of doing digital versions of verse breakdowns (See previous post), maybe I can focus on that for a bit while I wait to know. I looked at verses and felt a certain lack of the Spirit whispering things in my heart.

In the midst of all of that, I spent a lot of time wondering why I was yet to receive an affirmative response from God. I soon realised that the Lord was in no way quiet, it was me who was seeking to hear what I thought I should and so felt the quiet.

The Lord is good and was nudging me to take notice of what He was pointing out. As I was trying to figure my next study plan, or looked at verses to breakdown, my lens through all of this was focused mainly on how to translate what I am studying into writing/ a post. And therein lay the issue.

We are called to go and make disciples, but a Christian is first and foremost a disciple themselves.

I was drawn to Mark 3:13-15 “Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those he wanted, and they came to him. He appointed twelve – designating them apostles, that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach and to have authority to drive out demons.”

These verses talk about Jesus appointing the twelve apostles and we read the purpose behind their call. We can often skim over these verses and the part that stays with us is, Jesus choosing, appointing the twelve apostles so that they would go preach and heal. But what is the first thing they were to do before going out and carrying out the ministry they were purposed to, they were to “Be with Him”.

Be with Him – reading this convicted me of the sincerity and intention behind me seeking Jesus’s leading.  I was seeking to study the word, yes. I was seeking to share the word, yes. But I rushed through sitting at His feet and just soaking up His words to fill my soul with the joy that comes from spending time with Him.

I was reminded of the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10). I was letting the Martha side of me drive me, and in doing so removed myself from being at the feet of Jesus. I was flitting in and around the vicinity of Jesus with my own agenda, expecting to hear from Him, but I was not close enough and still enough to just be with God. Those times seemed on the surface as time with God, but the intention was lacking. And God knows our hearts. He desires for us to seek Him first and foremost.

So, I ask each of us these questions – Are we allowing anything to cloud the reason we pick up scripture?

Are we reading scripture with the intention to rejoice in the word, to hear from God and just be at His feet or is it something else?

As Jesus said in Luke 10: 41-42 “Martha, Martha, you are worried about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken from her.”

There is only one thing that is needed and that is to sit at His feet consistently and continuously with a pure desire in just seeking after Him. And as Jesus said it will not be taken from Mary, let not the desire to share/write/post be the reason we study scripture. Let not any other benchmark of doing, dictate the reason for spending time in the word.

From the time I started blogging, on and off I have felt the pull of focusing on scripture from the point of view of what I could write. I have always been aware of it but this time, it made me reflect deeper.

The enemy will try and twist that which can be for good by subtly distorting those very intentions within our hearts. Because if he cannot entirely prevent us from sharing God’s word, he will try to make our tools as dull as possible. It is up to us to be discerning of our own intentions. The desire to study the word and share it is noble, but can we be effective instruments of God if we are not sitting at His feet, letting ourselves be diligent disciples of Him.

Dear friends, if you love sharing scripture verses or writing at length, reflect on the connection between your head and your heart. Your mind may seem to be depending on God to lead you to study and share what to do next, but is your heart seeking the Lord for the right reasons?

What we write or share is an outpouring of our time at His feet and may we never allow anything to cause us to drift from the reason and joy of just ‘Being with the Lord and in the Word’.

God Bless

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  1. Amen to being with the Lord! Praying that God will lead you and give you confirmation as where in His Word He wants you to be. Praise God that your writing is from an overflow with God and not your only time with Him! I appreciate your honesty and encouragement in this post! I love your Friday posts! Love, hugs and blessings!!!

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    1. Thank you Mandy. I have felt a peace since I realised what I was inadvertently doing. I just keep sitting at His feet and clarity will come in time.
      Love and hugs to you too 🤗💙

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  2. Your questions are questions we all should think about and often. We as Christians need to be “quiet” and “listen” more often. Even Jesus went away to pray on occasions when seeking His direction. I’ll pray that you’ll see new directions and know his peace.

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    1. I agree Chrissy. There is so much value in sitting and listening and that is one of the reason Satan tries to lead us away from doing that.
      I sitting at His feet and know that He will give me clarity in time.
      Thank you Chrissy

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  3. Manu, this is such a powerful post! As a fellow blogger, I know exactly what you mean. My mind is often wrapped around what I will write about next. And while I do gain a lot of insight when I write, it is important to come before God for our own hearts’ first. And then we can share with others beyond that. The way you portrayed the Mary and Martha story really struck me. I pictured Martha in and out of the room as she tended to things in the kitchen. She could hear part of what Jesus was saying, but didn’t catch all of it. It left her lacking the full impact. I don’t want to be like Martha and miss out on all that Jesus longs to share with me. And what you said about the enemy is spot on too. He will be happy for us to realign our focus on something that appears “good” if it means he can take our focus off of what’s most important. Thank you for sharing your heart with us in this post. It reminded me that I need to seek Him, spending time with the Lord, sitting at Jesus’ feet, and growing in my own walk first. Then I will be better equipped to share with others. Blessings, my dear friend! 🤗♥️

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    1. I am so glad you relate. I agree that it helps us get a lot of insight as we write but there is nothing like sitting with the Lord and just soaking up His presence.
      Thank you my friend and I pray that we never lose sight of the importance of just sitting at His feet and listening to Him.

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  4. Manu, I enjoyed following your thought process. I think the Martha, Mary experience touches all of us busy with families. It is so easy to be distracted by our own parameters instead of relaxing and listening. In the early morning, when everything is quiet, I go out with the dog. It is still and quiet; then I take time to listen, absorbing the beauty, peace, with joy. It clears my mind, at least for a while.😊 May we all take time to rest and soak up God’s word and direction. I hope your weather is cooling down and you have a wonderful weekend.💗✨🌺

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    1. I agree Jeanne, it affects all of us busy with families. As you may remember, it is summer holidays here in Aus, so my routine and the opportunity to have quiet time is always challenging during this time.
      Weather is not cooling down yet, we are very much in the heat of summer and that is usually till February end.
      Thank you Jeanne. Have a wonderful weekend 🤗🌺

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    1. So glad that my words are prompting you towards whatever God is pointing out right now for you.
      Have a wonderful week ahead Crystal.
      Was wondering if you are still doing your walk with you neighbour friend?

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  5. Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey, Manu. You are so right that the enemy can and will try to twist and distort what is good or meant for good pulling us away from the feet of Jesus. We all can definitely be a bit of Martha and Mary along the way. May we strive to be more like Mary. Then we can effectively and sincerely share the Lord we love. Enjoy the journey Manu, especially those times at His feet. 💐🙏💕

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  6. This is such an awakening. Many times I have reached out to my Bible to prepare a blog then the Lord just keeps me at His feet, I end up reading scripture after scripture for hours and then the whole time I am caught up between stopping the reading and starting the writing but the Holy spirit just never allows me to stop reading and start writing. By the end of the period, I end up having studied a whole scripture and blessed at the same time disappointed that I didn’t stop at the verse I wanted to work on for my blog. May the Lord help us find a balance ⚖️ between working for Him and sitting at His feat.

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  7. “The enemy will try and twist that which can be for good by subtly distorting those very intentions within our hearts.” We need to keep this in mind always, particularly as week seek to do good and “be good.” As for study, I have this tendency to go into long, long, years-long studies of scripture. I think it took me 2 (or was it 3?) years to go through Psalms. I worked carefully, slowly, taking my time and letting the scripture soak in. I’m now on Isaiah, doing the same thing. I journal, note, and write out prayers as part of my study, but I haven’t been inclined to publish my thoughts to the blog. I always appreciate blogs like yours that open up scripture study to the world. I know it takes prayer, time, and intention, so thank you for that.

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    1. Thanks for sharing Chandra. I like to do slow and lengthy studies. I tried doing Bible in a year and I soon realised that I was not grasping anything but was more focused on whether I am meeting the daily reading requirement.
      If ever you feel inclined to share your Bible studies, I think they would be valuable for those who read it.

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