The Narrow Path with Christ

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Jeremiah lived in days that echo our times today in many ways. Wickedness, corruption, false teaching, disrespect for God, disregard for His word and His ways, pursuit of self and satisfaction outside of God. The last few chapters of Jeremiah (46-52), consist of a series of prophecies against nations, it begins with Egypt and ends with Babylon, the two main powers that vied for control of Judah during Jeremiah’s time.

This post today concludes my series on Jeremiah. It has been so enriching to delve deeper into this book and thank you to each one of you who have been with me each week, you have shared insights, blessed and encouraged me by journeying along with me.

Throughout the book of Jeremiah, the pursuit of God’s people by God himself was evident. He is a God who is faithful and does not forsake those who are His. What did the pursuit of God look like from the people’s end? Their pursuit was more fleshly, false gods and idols took centre stage with emphasis on gratifying their own desires.  

For us: What does our pursuit of God look like today?

Is the pursuit of God our priority, is it dictated by our how we feel, our circumstances or any other distractions?

Is our pursuit the glory of God or do we place self before God?

Jeremiah 9:6 says “You live in the midst of deception. In their deceit they refuse to acknowledge me.”

The things of this world can mislead, our hearts can deceive. What opens our eyes to the Truth? Only the Spirit can. God opens our spiritual eyes and ears to see and understand the things of God. Before, we are dead in sin and live in the midst of deception, seeing but never believing, hearing but never understanding. The people of Judah saw and heard but they did not understand. They knew of God, but what came of that knowledge?

Knowledge of God is not the same as knowing God. Even the demons know who God is (James 2:19). Knowing God is seeking Him and having a daily and active relationship with Him. And knowing Him should rightfully impact how we live – for HIM.

For us: Has your knowledge of God seeped in from your head to your heart?

             Have you moved from knowing of Him to seeking, pursuing and knowing Him?

             And how has that impacted the way you do everyday life?

In the last few chapters of Jeremiah, we read of messages that describe the destruction that those nations will face at the hand of God, Egypt (ch 46), Philistines (ch 47), Moab (ch 48), Ammon, Edom, Damascus (ch 49) and Babylon (ch 50-51).

These nations relied on their own military prowess. They seemed strong, stable, powerful and would have been tempting for the people of Judah to seek refuge in.

Jeremiah 46:10 says “But that day belongs to the Lord, the Lord Almighty-a day of vengeance, for vengeance on His foes.”

God’s words point to His Sovereignty. God’s sovereignty extends to all nations, all will be held accountable before Him. He did not want the people to seek refuge in any other nation, they were to trust Him and seek refuge in Him.

For us: What are we finding our security in?

             When circumstances feel less than ideal who or what do we seek refuge in?

             Does your trust rest in God or do you tend to be tossed by the waves of your turmoil?

Jeremiah 46: 28 says “Do not fear, O Jacob my servant, for I am with you, declares the Lord. Though I completely destroy all the nations among which I scatter you, I will not completely destroy you. I will discipline you but only with justice; I will not let you go entirely unpunished.”

God words with clarity remind the people that even though they are under His discipline, He will never forsake them.

The prophet Jeremiah teaches us obedience in the face of adversity and faithfulness to God in a fragmented world. He was reluctant to be a prophet at the beginning to a people who were not for God. He endured physical and emotional struggles as he was obedient to God. There were times when Jeremiah wanted to give up.

Jeremiah reminds us that to walk the narrow path may not be easy but as we walk on the narrow path often our gaze gets pulled to the challenges and contention the world we live in has with followers of Christ. But as we walk, may we always remind ourselves that although the path is narrow and is not easy, where it leads to is what matters, and that is to God. One day in His courts is better than a thousand elsewhere (Psalm 84:10.)

Mathew 10:25 says “It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord.”

For us: Is it enough for us to be like our master, Jesus? He followed the will of God to the cross, He humbly washed the disciple’s feet, He came as man for our sake, going to the poor, needy and the outcast, being rejected and despised, not receiving the approval or applause of man.

And as Jeremiah walked in His calling, reflect on whether you are willing to walk and work for the kingdom of God without the accolades and the applause?

The book of Jeremiah also reminds us of the promise of God with us, carrying us through the call He places on our lives. Even when not easy, there is a joy to be found in walking in obedience to God.

In obedience help me walk, the narrow path leading to thee

The world and its distractions trying to sink its talons in me

Hide me under your wings, for it is in you Lord I seek to be

My heart and my mind are yours to have

I claim no ownership of them you see

For when in you Lord, I am rightfully where I belong to be.

God Bless.

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  1. “Though I completely destroy all the nations among which I scatter you, I will not completely destroy you.” This is a good reminder when life gets hard. God disciplines the children He loves, but He takes revenge on His enemies. Thanks for a great post, Manu.

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  2. Jeremiah may have lived several thousand of years ago but reading his writing is like reading someone from 2021. Like Seeking divine, discipline is hard but it carries all the love of God in it. Revenge is from the wrath of God. He hates sin and our sin of living for self breaks His heart. Good post.

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  3. I love Jeremiah and always wonder what it must of been like for him. He went to the people over and over again with warnings which could have at any time gotten him killed. Yet his strong faith in God lead him to continue with giving the messages God sent to the people. He was so faithful and it would have been such a hard life. Thank you for sharing this wonderful book. Love and hugs, Joni

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  4. Amen Manu. Pursuing God should be our daily priority, not just based on feelings and circumstances but based on our love and dedication to Him. We are to bring Him glory in whatever we do! That is a privilege and honor. I have enjoyed your lessons on Jeremiah, thank you! ❤️

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  5. Amen! Manu, thank you for some wonderfully thought provoking challenges. I think with everything that can distract me in life, it is so important to have that daily intentional time with God. I loved your prayer at the end too and asking God to keep us safe and focused on His plans. Blessings on you! 😘

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  6. I loved this series on Jeremiah. Thank you so much for allowing us to walk along this journey with you. Today’s post and all the posts have truly shown me how important it is to cling to the Lord. Every day we make thousands of decisions. They can make or break us. If we keep God first place in our lives, and really in every moment, then we cannot go wrong. Pursuing Him is a lifelong journey. Thank you again! Blessings, dear friend! 💕

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    1. So true Bridget. Thank you for joining me through the Jeremiah study. It was a blessing to read your thoughts. I always take something away from our interactions, be it encouragement or just feeling blessed by it. Have a wonderful weekend my friend 🤗💕

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  7. You ask such good questions in this blog. I especially like the one we should ask ourselves about whether we are seeking God’s glory or putting ourselves first. It’d something I have to honestly ponder a lot, especially in regards to my own blog.
    What you wrote about about nations and their tendency to put their security in their military reminds me all too well of my own country. We are seeing things crumble here, and perhaps that’s not all bad. Sometimes a nation must be humbled and broken for its citizens to recognize their need for God. At the same time, I’m comforted by that idea that God will never forsake us. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this journey in Jeremiah, friend! 😊

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    1. I am right there with you in the point of whether we seek God’s glory or have our desires placed first. I think that is something we have to ask ourselves often so that we check that our motives are in the right place.
      Thank you Colleen for being with me through the Jeremiah study. You are always so honest and encouraging.
      Blessings to you my friend 🤗💕

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  8. I have enjoyed your Jeremiah study, Manu. There is joy when we open our hearts to God’s direction and follow His narrow path in obedience. When we trust, obey and focus on God, we can find rest in this fragmented world. Thanks for your insight and prayer. 🙏💗🌺

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    1. I agree Jeanne, there is so much joy in being obedient to God. And we do find rest when we are aligned with Him.
      Thank you Jeanne. I truly enjoyed and appreciated you being there each week and sharing your thoughts and insights.
      Have a wonderful weekend 😊💕

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  9. This has been an excellent series! I look forward to reading what the Lord has for you next. I am encouraged by how you have grown through your studies. May we seek to glorify God in all we do knowing that glorifying God is what we were created to do. You are loved!!!

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    1. Yes, I would imagine that it would. Good luck as you study through Isiah and then move onto Jeremiah. This post was my final in my Jeremiah series that I did through the course of a few months on the blog.

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  10. I have been reading through Jeremiah also. I have to admit, it has been difficult for me to get through. I would rather be somewhere else in my journey “through the Bible in one year.” Maybe it’s because this is my third year in a row. I don’t know. I look forward to looking back at your other posts in this series. I loved your poem. Blessings, Manu!

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  11. This is so so so well written and worded Manu. You do have that gift and calling. This was such a powerful and inspiring read. Excellent questions. Questions we need to ask ourselves on the narrow path. May we examine our hearts and ask God to examine them as well. May we pray that He draws us closer and gives us a heart to follow Him and know Him.

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    1. Thank you so much Tina. We need to ask ourselves and examine our hearts so that we can reflect and check on where our heart lies when it comes to diligence for following Jesus.


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