Descriptor of HIM

There are some people in life whom we love spending time with and some we hope for the interaction to end sooner rather than later. There are those who give us a very clear sense of the spirit’s presence in their life after we spend some time with them. And it leaves you feeling really good and peaceful and wanting a little more of that interaction. I have the blessing of knowing a lovely elderly lady at church who is one such person, the spirits presence and work in her life is so evident. No bad day or changed circumstance … Continue reading Descriptor of HIM

Heart Reality

Zechariah 7: 3b “Should I mourn and fast in the fifth month, as I have done for so many years?” In Zechariah chapter 7, we see a few of the Jews had been sent by others to ask whether they should continue to mourn and fast in remembrance of the destruction of the temple. At this point the work on the rebuilding of the temple was well underway. The fasts were held in the fifth month, when King Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem and in the seventh month, when Gedaliah, their governor was murdered and all the people fled as they were afraid of … Continue reading Heart Reality


“I found something vintage”. Finding something vintage would be nice but nope, not in my case. Let me be more specific “I found something vintage in my son’s schoolbag”. This happened towards the end of school year last year in December. He is a teenager now so I thought I could trust him with ensuring that if there is any leftover or uneaten food from his lunch, it will be removed from his bag. How I found out – there was this awful smell when I walked behind him one morning as he was ready to leave for school and … Continue reading Clarity


The last week has been quite a difficult week in terms of news about family and friends. We as a family heard within the span of a week, two serious health diagnosis and a death. First, we got to know that my husband’s uncle got diagnosed with a brain tumour. The scan revealed quite a large one and the doctors insisted on immediate surgery prior to a biopsy. The second, a friend of my husband who studied with him passed away quite unexpectedly. I cannot imagine what his family will be going through. And third, a friend from church (her … Continue reading Doubts

Spirit over Self

As I read Mathew 14, what stood out to me and what I wanted to share did not end up in this post. As I started to write I ended up focusing on Herod. A little atypical isn’t it to keep Herod as the main focus of a lesson. God has a way of teaching and reminding us of things from every passage in scripture. Mathew 14: 3-5 “Now Herod had arrested John and bound him and put him in prison because of Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife, for John had been saying to him: “It is not lawful for you to … Continue reading Spirit over Self

Intentional Habits

I am a creature of habit. Doing things impulsively or just for the heck of it is just not my style. I just tend to like the predictable familiarity of a routine.  As it is still summer holidays here in Australia, my usual routine during school time does not exist at the moment. And I find that spending time in the word requires conscious effort especially during this time for me.  We all tend to have habits that either we have consciously developed or have just slipped into over time. Have you ever had the experience of driving on a … Continue reading Intentional Habits

Purpose, Contentment and Complacency

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” As I read this verse it made me think about ‘Purpose’. God created us to do good things that He has already prepared in advance for us. Works do not save, but the saved person works for God and glorifies Him. The world emphasises the importance and need to have purpose in life. Purpose enables us to live a meaningful and full life. As people we have a search for purpose. The desire to live a … Continue reading Purpose, Contentment and Complacency

Change is inevitable

Here in Australia, the kids are on their summer break. The new school year commences in the beginning of February. My son will be going into what they call ‘Senior Secondary’ here and that is a change that will require more responsibility towards his studies and a start of a lot more thought to what he wants to do in the future. My husband has started a new job, a different department within the same company. The work is a bit different; it is fun and challenging to tackle something new but hard work too. No year goes exactly the … Continue reading Change is inevitable

Wise Men

Over the weekend, I tried to get some Christmas shopping done. Went to the shops on Saturday and it was absolutely hectic in there with the crowd. I don’t do very well with crowded spaces and neither do I enjoy shopping very much so I was looking forward to finishing my task and getting home. As I was sorting out what I had bought for my Nephews and gift wrapping them later, I was mentally picturing the eagerness with which they would rip open their gifts and the joy I would feel just watching them do that. We all look … Continue reading Wise Men

Choosing What is Better

This week passed in a blur for me. I was busy and was mentally drained with whatever free time I had and as a result my alone time with God and His word was not as long and focused as I would have ideally liked. Yesterday evening, my husband gently told me that I was getting unnecessarily short with him. When he said that I did not reply immediately. I was grateful that the Lord gave me the wisdom to reflect on whether I was behaving that way and not argue with him about it. As I thought about it, … Continue reading Choosing What is Better