Commit your cause to God

In Jeremiah 20 (which can be read in its entirety here), we see opposition to prophet Jeremiah beginning to harden, the start of the chapter gives us a glimpse into his persecution at the hands of those who did not want to heed God’s word. 

Pashhur, the chief officer in the temple, heard Jeremiah prophesying and had him beaten and put in the stocks (verse 2). Jeremiah was subject to painful public disgrace and was regarded as a false prophet. Pashhur was a priest and he was not willing to listen to words of warning from God.

Ironically, all the torture and humiliation that he inflicted on Jeremiah was done at the house of the Lord (verse 2, at the upper Gate of Benjamin at the Lord’s temple). That was the place where the priest held power and used it to defy the authority of God. He clearly was no man of God for he did not fear what God had to say or His authority, neither had he discernment to know what was from God. He guided people away from God and humiliated and inflicted pain on those who were obedient to God, like Jeremiah.

For us: A position of leadership or influence within the church does not automatically imply that their life is being led right with God and neither do their words or perspective equate to the truth. Each and every one of us are to read the word and discern and see if those who occupy those places are in submission to God (Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world, 1 John 4:1).

We can error in our ways by leaning towards taking someone else’s interpretation of scripture without studying the word of God for ourselves. The Lord blesses us with great biblical teachers who help us understand the word, but may we remember that they are after all human and we have to be cautious to not impetuously believe one person’s teachings or interpretation over the word of God, because if we do that, we leave ourselves open to being led astray in our understanding of scripture and regarding their words and thoughts above God’s.

Invited to share our heart with God

Jeremiah with his heart heavy, pours out his burden to the Lord. He complains and attributes his suffering to the Lord. In Jeremiah 1, we read that Jeremiah was reluctant to be a prophet, but God says that He chose him to be one. And in this chapter, Jeremiah says that all he gets as a prophet is insult and reproach.

Jeremiah shares that he was torn between the tension within himself of not wanting to proclaim God’s word because of what it subjects him to, and yet he could not keep from his calling of speaking out God’s word. Prophetic reluctance over divine compulsion is what we see here described.

For us: We are invited to share our heart as is with the Lord, Jeremiah did not soften his words or his emotions when he spoke to God. He was completely honest with what he felt. This is such an encouraging reminder for us to know that we do not have to blur or soften our heavy emotions before we take them to the Lord, or even our hesitation or struggle with being obedient to His calling. God wants us to approach him in all honesty with all our struggles because He will minister to our needs accordingly.

Faith strengthened

In verse 11-13, we see Jeremiah’s faith strengthen. The first thing he reminds himself of and is comforted by is the continual presence of God with him like a mighty warrior. Through it all, there was no doubt about God being with him. God’s presence strengthened and sustained him, and he reminded himself that nothing can stand against God, His plans and His purposes.

For us: May we remember that the Lord is with us through whatever situation we might be going through. He will never leave us or forsake us. Draw strength from that truth and know that no scheme of Satan will prevail against the plans of God. Stand firm in His strength and rest in that truth.

Commune with God

Deep in despair, heart heavy, very much in the midst of his trying circumstance, Jeremiah found himself being strengthened as he communed with God.

For us: This is a wonderful reminder for us that there is so much power in prayer. Often times when things worry us, we can spend many a minute fretting over it, but fail to take it to God as often as we allow those worrying thoughts to fill our minds. I am guilty of doing that, I have to remind myself that instead of thinking and worrying about it so much let me just talk to God about it and that has been such a game changer for me. It is something that I have to constantly be intentional about.

Jeremiah portrays that the impossibility of enduring and going through his situation is made a possibility because of God and he says in verse 12b “For to you I have committed my cause.”

I found these words very encouraging. What cause lays heavy on your heart today?

Is it your health or that of a loved one, your financial situation, lack of work, a strained relationship, the mental health of a dear one, the spiritual state of a spouse, a child, sibling or friend. Whatever it is, know that just as Jeremiah did not have to see through his cause on his own strength, but instead committed it to God, so can we.

So, dear friends commit that which causes your heart to be heavy and your mind to worry to God. Commit it to Him because He is your mighty warrior, your ever-present help, your rock and your fortress, your provider and protector, your Sovereign God and your loving heavenly Father who created you, sees you, hears you and cares for you.

God Bless.

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  1. So many good points here! Regarding your first point, years ago I would read Christina non-fiction books and I thought that was good enough. But when I began reading the Bible for myself, it changed everything. And I think that is key when trying to discern between true and false teachings.
    I love your point about being able to share our hearts with God. I think many times we do try to soften our words. But being open and honest with the Lord helps ease our burden.
    I love the way Jeremiah’s faith was strengthened. It is so important to remember that God is always with us. I know many times we feel all alone. But He is always there. What a comfort!
    And you were exactly right when you mentioned constantly being intentional about talking to God first instead allow our worries to take over. It can be too easy to let our concerns pull us in different directions. So being intentional about going to God is so important.
    May we be mindful of committing our worries to the Lord, as we remember that He is our safe place.
    Such a great post, Manu! Thank you for the encouragement. I needed that today. God bless you, dear friend! 🌸💕🌺

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    1. Thank you Bridget for always being so encouraging.
      I used to read more of other Christian books, but I stick to the Bible now and read something only if it comes highly recommended.
      I have to be very intentional about talking to God each time a worrying thought comes into my mind, otherwise before I know it, I would have spent most of that time stressing over it rather than taking to God.
      Thank you again my dear friend 🤗
      Blessings to you 🌺💙

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  2. So much truth here! And some great reminders. (Poor Jeremiah, he makes my troubles look like a picnic in the park.) We humans can quite literally worry ourselves sick – and then there’s one more thing to worry about! Our enemy loves to get us in that vicious cycle. But when we’re meditating on God’s Word it doesn’t take long to realize no problem surprises Him, and our Daddy knows exactly what to do. ❤ My goal is just to pray and stay out of His way. 😉

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    1. So true that we can worry ourselves sick – I can be like that. I have been more intentional with taking it to God each time I start worrying about something.
      Thank you Annie 🌺💙

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    1. I do think that could very much be the case. May the Lord give us wisdom to have discernment to know why is from the Lord and what is not.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🤗. Blessings to you 🌺

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  3. A great post, and very dear to me. I have a family member named after Jeremiah.

    Worrying is a learned behaviour. Children learn to ‘worry’ from someone close to them.
    Since it is a learned behaviour, it can also be ‘unlearned’
    As you have pointed out, this takes practise, and the Lord is always willing to help us ‘unlearn’ worrying by asking us to present our cares to Him through prayer. ⚘🤗

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    1. I never though of it as being learned behaviour but reading your comment made me think that there is truth to that.
      Yes, it can be unlearned and the Lord is indeed there to meet us where we are at and help us through it.
      Thank you so much Sally for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it 🌺🌺

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      1. May the Lord make us continually aware of how much He loves us, his beloved children, and may we co-operate with Him in his desire to teach us not to worry. 🤗⚘

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  4. It’s amazing how much encouragement can be gained from Jeremiah in these current times. I believe we will begin to see more and more false teaching within churches as the end draws near. I hope to keep Jeremiah’s example close to heart throughout it all. Also, this post is encouraging me to constantly commit my cause in parenting to God. My three-year-old is very strong willed, and he can be such a challenge to me. But I need to remember that God is with me and able to equip me and empower me by His Spirit to be the mom I need to be. Thank you as always, Manu!

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    1. I agree with you about there being more false teaching within churches during end times. It is important that we stay close to God to have discernment and strength during these times for ourselves and also like you said to be the kind of mom who has her roots firmly grounded in the Lord.
      Thank you Colleen. You are a blessing to me 🤗🌺

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  5. Hi Manu, Great post! I agree so much with you that as Christians, we must always look to God directly instead of placing our trust solely in Christian leadership. We can totally be led astray if we’re not tapping in to Scripture for ourselves. If Jesus is Lord of us, then the Spirit lives inside each of us and is there to guide us according to the Bible. I find it such a comfort that even if I am asked to do something by God that is a challenge for me, I can have full confidence He will be with me always. Blessings to you! 😘

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    1. I just replying to your comment but it shows here that it did not go through. I am not sure what happens. Most parts of technology evade my understanding 😁.
      Thank you Joy for sharing your thoughts. May we rest in the knowledge that the Lord is with us.
      Blessings 🌺💙

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  6. Thanks Manu. I appreciate the reminder that we can carry everything to our Lord in prayer. And also I agree, we must know God’s word for ourselves, then when we hear something not in line with his word we will know. God bless you!

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  7. Good words of encouragement. Just this past week God has answered an answer to a prayer of mine. The answer pointed to me and how I have thought about a certain person for some time. Thank God, for His Spirit that showed me my wrong and put me back into the right thinking.

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    1. It is wonderful that your prayer was answered and in that answer was also a correction and some growth through it. God is good.
      Thank you Betty 🤗🌺


  8. I absolutely love this post. One of my degrees included Christian leadership studies. Servant leadership is what came to mind when you wrote about church leaders automatically being godly leaders. Jesus is the best example of a leaders because He is the ultimate servant leader. Again, love this post. Blessings and honor, Christine

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  9. Manu, I agree with you there is so much power in prayer. It is such a blessing that we can share our heart with the Lord, that he listens to our prayers. I feel God likes to hear our true emotions in prayer rather than rote recall. We need to feel free to give Him our worries so He can give us His peace. A great post! Cyber hugs and blessings! 💗✨🌼🌺

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