Salt Effect

I was cooking the other day and realised that my salt container was almost empty and I did not have any spare in my pantry. But luckily there was enough to use for that time and I ensured that I bought some the next day itself.

Usually when I am unexpectedly low on something, I would look to use substitutes. I know that there are salt substitutes out there or you can use some herbs and spices to give some flavour. But there is nothing quite like salt when it comes to bringing forth that burst of flavour from all the ingredients within a recipe.

I was reminded of Mathew 5:13 when Jesus says “You are the Salt of the earth.”

Jesus gives a very practical way for us on how to relate to the world. We, His followers are in this world for a time and for a reason, to be present in and a part of the world around us but doing the work He has purposed for us.


Salt is not something that you would scoop up a spoonful of on its own and consume, but when added to a recipe, it brings out such a shift in all those beautiful flavours. It has the same potential to bring about that change in flavour while in the container but is effective only when is added in.

For us: It is a reminder for us that we are most effective when God uses us. The Holy spirit within, enables us, but if we are not willing to be used by the Lord, we are as effective as the salt that remain unused.

Available and Ready

Salt may be basic but it is one of the most essential ingredients in every household. It sits there on our table, not particularly standing out or taking centre place but available and ready to be added in whenever needed.  

For us: May we have that sort of readiness and availability to be used by God whenever and wherever He decides to do so.

When to add in salt and how much to add in is decided by the one making the meal.

For us: May we reflect that too in our Christian walk. Let God direct us when, where and how exactly to be used. Relying on His wisdom and timing so that His name is glorified and when His love and message is shared, it creates a deeper and more powerful impact than we could ever imagine or manage on our own.


Salt in the Roman times was an expensive commodity, being so valuable that sometimes their wages were paid in salt. You might think that Jesus called us ‘the salt of the earth’ relating to the value it had then. But let’s not restrict the Lord’s wisdom to only a time period. Although He often explained things that required an understanding of the times and culture then, we know that God’s word is living and powerful and speaks to us now as much as it did then and will continue to do so.

So, although salt is monetarily less valuable now in comparison to then, it does not lessen how essential and how much needed it still is.

Its worldly value did in no way take away what it is designed to do.

For us: If we feel less noticed or valued by society around us- remember that our worth comes from God. Our worth and the effect we as His followers can have is not deemed by whether the world around us today decides we are valuable or not.

Small yet Impactful

Salt may be tiny, but not much of it is needed to make an effect.

For us: Don’t be discouraged by how small or insignificant we may feel or seem. We might think our effect will be minimal but every grain of salt counts and so do you.

Every grain of Salt adds to that spoonful you add in but at the same time a single grain of salt is not as effective as when put together. There is power in togetherness and fellowship. Our working together with others that God places us with, makes us significantly more effective.


In a day, you don’t use Salt all the time but the salt has to retain its saltiness throughout to be effective when used. Let’s not forget to be connected to God every day with diligence so that we retain our saltiness and are effective when he pours us into whatever situation He decides to, so that we can infuse that situation with the flavour and presence of God.

Bring about the Change

Salt brings about the change to what it is added into. The ingredients within the recipe does not make the salt lose its effect. Salt enhances the flavours it is added to and not the other way around.

For us: When we converse or interact with others what do we add in and invite to that conversation or interaction. Is there godliness, gentleness, compassion, kindness, grace, love and mercy. May we infuse the spirit as we speak and act, so that we bring that positive God infused change and not let that which is around us affect us so much that we lose our saltiness.

A part of who we are

We are His children, being His is reflected in how we think, behave, interact with others and how we view the world.

Jesus says “You are the salt of the Earth”, You are – not, you should be. His Spirit within us enables us to be who He has designed and purposed us to be.

Let being the Lord’s, infusing the world around us with His love, message, grace and having an obedient willingness to bring about that salt effect where God pours us, be who we are.

God Bless.

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  1. I love how you brought salt to life in this post. True, we must be ready when the Lord wants to use us, we are called to be salt in this world. Thank you for sharing this! 💕

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    1. An excellent post, and a great reminder for us.

      Living by the sea, I think about salt often.

      The air is so salty here that salt in the air comes into the house and settles, as white powder, on the window sills. 🤗

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      1. Thank you Sally. I cannot imagine having a layer of salt settle on the window sills like you guys have. I live on the coast too and there is salt in the air but nothing like that.
        Thank you again 💙

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    1. Thank you so much 😊. I agree with you, a simple act such as giving a cup of water shows kindness, gives an opportunity to start a conversation or build a relationship with that person over time and God can do wonders through all of that.
      May we be more mindful of these little things that we can do in Jesus name.
      Blessings 💙

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  2. Good analogies. My father would have liked this post. He was in the salt business all his life, following in his father’s footsteps. ❤️
    May we be the salt of the earth, a positive influence wherever we go.
    Two other things salt does – it preserves (slows down decay) and melts ice. With all the corruption today, and people’s love growing cold, I think we have our work cut out for us.

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      1. Thank you Linda 🤗. I did not think about it being needed for electrical conduction of nerve impulses. I love to read different perspectives. We learn so much that way.
        Blessings 🤗💙

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    1. Thank you Annie. You made me smile telling me about your dad.
      Salt sure does preserve and melt ice. I really like what you said about people’s love growing cold and that is something we really have to work toward.
      Blessings 😊💙

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  3. Thanks for the post, it also got me thinking of how with salt comes thirst and that leads to quenching the thirst with a drink. We are the salt indeed and we carry with us Jesus the water, that will make us and everyone who has the salt not thirsty again.

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    1. I so agree with you. May we create that thirst for Christ in those around us. I had touched upon these aspects of the verse in another post of mine.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      Blessings to you 😊🤗

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  4. This post is brilliant! I love all the angles in which you looked at this. This Bible verse can be a confusing one, but you broke it down and showed us all the ways in which we could be the salt of the earth. May we be ready and always allow our lives to be used by God. May we stay connected to God every day. And may we remember that our value is found in Jesus. Thank you so much for sharing this post! It has really touched my heart. Blessings, sweet friend! ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much Bridget. I had written a post before on the same verse titled ‘SALT’ but this time I really felt different aspects and meanings of it came alive to me and so that is what I wrote.
      I am so pleased that this touched you.
      Thank you my dear friend 🤗💙

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  5. Manu, I love this post. It is true, like salt, we are effective when poured out and used to infuse His love, compassion, and hope to others. The post made me think of Mother Teresa’s quote, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Like salt basic but essential. Have a blessed weekend! 💗🌟🌺

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  6. Wow. You unpacked a lot of great stuff here, Manu! This really expands on the verse for me in ways I had not thought of before! I am especially drawn to the reminder though salt is a small substance, it can have a great impact. Thank you and blessings, my friend! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Marisa 🤗. Yes, sometimes we can feel very dejected or demotivated when we feel we cannot make a large enough impact but every small deed in Jesus name counts.
      Thank you again and blessings to you too my friend 😊💙

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  7. This is such an insightful blogpost. The part you said about being small but impactful was especially encouraging to me as a stay at home mom with a toddler. My ministry opportunities seem pretty small right now, but that doesn’t mean God can’t use them. I’m so thankful for that.

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    1. I hear you there Colleen. You are right when you say even a small opportunity can be used mightily by God.
      You are pouring into your toddlers life and that is the most important. We don’t have the influence we have in anyone else life like we do with our little ones and that little person whom God has blessed you with is an opportunity to sow those seeds so they can sprout later. And you do touch people through your writing, I very much appreciate what you share.
      Blessings my friend 🤗💙

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  8. Thanks for sharing.

    I recently listened to a great podcast about how we are salt and light and what that looks like in the world we live.

    Important stuff, and there is a need to connect the use of salt now and back then as well as it’s value pointing to who we are as the church. I liked how you mentioned how it can sit on our table and not look to flashy but still has a major role to play.

    I cooked butter chicken for the 2nd time recently. Yum!

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  9. “May we have that sort of readiness and availability to be used by God whenever and wherever He decides to do so.” I loved this post, it’s so inspirational for my morning, and boosts my mental health. I’ll live through today with purpose ❤

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  10. And the confirmation continues! I smiled when I opened your page and saw the top three posts, because just this morning my husband called me over to his desk and read Matthew 5:13. And I responded to him the exact same thought about salt bringing out the flavor of our meals. Also, “Jesus says ‘You are the salt of the Earth’, You are – not, you should be” is very similar to a line I just wrote earlier today for the post I’ll be scheduling for Monday (about the corresponding verse, “You are the light of the world”)! I so love how He encourages us through each other! I also really enjoyed reading the rest of your insights on salt ❤ 🙂

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  11. I now understand salt better and the biblical insight is clearer. I struggled with being salt because of its abrasive nature but now I understand that when I am used by the spirit of God, I am effective seasoning for the generation. I am so grateful Manu

    Every blessing

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    1. Thank you so much Nissi 😊. I am glad this helped you look at us being the salt of the earth with a new light.
      Thank you for always being so encouraging.
      Blessings to you 💙🤗


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