One Thing

Psalm 27:4 “One thing I ask from the Lord, and that I will seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. To gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His temple.”

This Psalm was written by David, a man after God’s own heart as he is described in scripture (1 Samuel 13:14, Acts 13:22). He was not perfect but the Lord was pleased with how often David sought Him before he did anything. How David always submitted to Him and kept the Lord pre-eminent in his life. And even when he did falter, he humbly repented and sought the Lord for forgiveness and corrected his ways.

This prayer of David is reflective of his deepest desire and hope. When he says ‘one thing’, we get an understanding that being in the presence of the Lord every day is what truly mattered to David. It holds value above anything else.

Dwell- means to live there. Not to run to the Lord only when the need arises and go about the rest of the time with minimal acknowledgement to the Lord.

To dwell is to live out our everyday lives through the reality of being and functioning from and within His presence.

David understood that he could not remain in the Lord’s presence all his days unless God himself would enable him to do so.

In Mathew 26:41 Jesus says “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” We wish to always dwell in the presence of the Lord but in our own strength, we cannot accomplish that. It does not mean that we just sit back and wait for the Lord to sort it out for us. We are to seek to dwell in His presence just like David wrote.

Intentionality when it comes to being consistent with our study of the word and time with God is crucial in dwelling in His presence.

What did David want to do in the Lord’s presence – to gaze upon His beauty and seek Him.

When you gaze on something, you are also experiencing it. Gazing on the beauty of the Lord is tied in with experiencing His nearness and worshipping Him. We experience His peace, His comfort, His strength and we view the now through His lens and live with an eternal perspective.

Seek Him – David’s desire was to know more of God and more of His ways. To grow in the knowledge of Him.

God was what David desired the most in His life. God was his source, his strength and his joy.

This Christmas time as we dwell on what we desire to gift, to receive or how we hope to spend it, may the one thing we truly desire be – to dwell in God’s presence every single day. May everything else that we do pour out from us dwelling in His presence.

May we keep the Lord our priority during this time especially and not allow Satan to rob us of spending time with the source of our everything that enables us to be Christ like.

We might be doing Christmas differently that we are used to but God is forever the same.

His desire for us to seek Him, spend time with Him, inquire of Him and worship Him every day remains unchanged.  

The hope that we have in Him, our joy in Him, His grace, His love and His presence is unchanged and is right there for us even in these different and difficult days. We might not be able to be with family like we are used to but God is always with us.

This Christmas might feel less than ideal in some ways but God’s presence is not dictated by the presence of huge celebrations, opulence, gifts and such. His presence desires hearts that seek and worship Him. May dwelling in His presence be the one thing we truly desire and seek.

God Bless.

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  1. I so love that passage. A man at my church sang it years ago, and I loved the song so much I learned it from the tape and took it with me as part of my repertoire.
    Manu, have a wonderful, Christ-filled Christmas, and divine perspective all through the coming year.

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  2. What a great reminder that we might be celebrating Christmas differently this year, yet God is the same and nothing could ever change that.

    There’s no greater place to be than in the Presence of the Father, God almighty, all knowing, and most benevolent.

    May we desire and seek his presence above everything that this world can offer us. Amen.

    Great sermon as always. It is refreshing reading your posts. Stay blessed, dear.

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  3. The advent season makes me think of Jesus as Emmanuel, God, is with us. As you said, it is a great time to be still, dwell in His presence, worship Him, and to grow in the knowledge of Him.
    Manu, I agree the one thing that we should all seek is to dwell in His Presence. 🌟💗🌺

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  4. What a beautiful post! And I love the verse you shared. With Christmas approaching, it can be easy to lose our focus. I pray we can be intentional about seeking God this month, and every day to come. What a gift it is to be able to dwell in His presence. And once we get a taste of it, we realize that no other worldly distraction can compare. Thank you for sharing this lovely post. I will be saving this one, for sure, Manu. It brought me a lot of comfort, as I read it. Blessings, dear friend! ❤️

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    1. With so much going on this year we have to be intentional with keeping our focus on Him and not let our joy and hope feel less than it should be. Because God truly is our one constant through it all.
      Blessings my friend 🤗💙

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  5. God’s presence is truly a gift. No matter what is going on as long as we have His presence with us, we do not have to worry. With the changes this holiday season, we definitely have more time to focus on His goodness. Thank you Manu. 💕

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  6. Great article! My place to be is like king David to dwell always in the secret place of Our Most High God . Being in the presence of Almighty God and knowing His character and ways is what life is about! Thanks for reminding us!💒😊👣

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  7. What a privilege to be able to “dwell” in that place of refuge with our Lord? I can’t imagine how hard it was in David’s day, before the days of grace and being able to boldly go before God’s throne. What a privilege indeed!

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  8. Psalm 27 has been very dear to me this past fortnight. I’m personally glad that some of the overindulgence of Christmas commercialism has decreased noticeably this year and there is more willingness in people to hear and value the true beauty and lasting gifts of life.

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    1. I so agree with you. I am glad too that the commercialisation has been toned down this year giving room for people to think about the true meaning behind the celebration.
      Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year 🎄😊

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  9. Greatly appreciate your explanation of the word “gaze”: “When you gaze on something, you are also experiencing it.” I never thought of the word in those terms, and what it truly means to gaze upon/experience God the Father, Son, or Spirit. Thank you, Manu!

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  10. I think I might have found my word for the year in your first sentence. Dwell…the last one I had was Deep. God has certainly taken me place I had to go deep to get through. Now maybe He wants to teach me how to dwell in the deep. Your post was a great read, Blessings.

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