In light of all that has been happening, although distressing to watch, silence is not an option. I do not claim to understand the degree of hurt and the depth of emotion involved, but I share in the cause for racial discrimination to stop.

Genesis 1:27 “God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.”

God made us all in His image and equal, then why find it so easy to discriminate.

He breathed life the same into each one, then why find it so easy to deem oneself superior.

We are called to love each other as we love ourselves, then why find it so easy to hate and to hurt.

We are to consider others better than ourselves, then why are some so determined to label others inferior.

There are no words that justify discrimination.

What does it say about you if you have to knock someone down to feel tall?

Take a stand against such injustice; it is the right thing to do.

It saddens me to see some of these protests turn violent and I wish they wouldn’t. But let not that tarnish what is being fought for. Let not these acts rob us of the message that we want clearly relayed.

Yes, the looting must stop but what should be stopped with further urgency is the racial profiling and killing. 

I stand in solidarity with all who are fighting against systemic oppression wanting to be heard and treated with fairness, equality and respect.

God Bless.

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  1. My heart is saddened that because of the chaos going on, the reason to protest against the senseless death of a black man is lost. Nobody is protesting the death of those killed because of the riots. What a difference it would make if all those protesting would drop to their knees and cry out to our Lord for wisdom and peace. Pray for those in authority who must make decisions that could make all this worst. Where is our Dr. King’s, where are those who knew how to pray and march at the same time? Where are the parents of those kids throwing rock through businesses that give jobs? Why are they not dragging their children out of the senseless mess? Maybe they are where I am, at home watching it all unfold and talking about how crazy it is. I know how to pray, and I do it in my safe home but when am I going to get involved beyond words and make a difference? My heart is sad and convicted because I do believe black lives matter too.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It saddens me too to see the state of all this. I do hope that the protest are only peaceful and that other non peaceful ways would stop. I pray for lasting change to happen. And I hope you find ways to make that difference in whatever way is possible for you.


    2. Proverbs 22:3(ESV) says, the prudent sees danger and hides, but the simple go on and suffer… it is hard to watch – more than anything people are hurting and angry and want validation and justice more than anything else. We can seek God and pray with all our hearts for a breakthrough. He knows our hearts desire – he knows his people want justice and validation – and it will be done. Jesus has already overcome the world and by our faith we will get through this too. ❤️ seek the kingdom first and all will be added to us ❤️ see can find other ways to meet people’s needs with love though too. Prayer is the first act of love 💓 other ways we can show love is over someone safety or shelter or provide food or water should our paths cross with someone in need… there would be other ways to show our support without protesting- it’s just finding how to do it 😊❤️

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  2. Yes, all lives matter. Color of skin or nationality shouldn’t be an issue. It is a real shame that people can not love one another. What the world needs now is love… 🌸

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  3. Jesus loves us all equally. Jesus stands for peace and for love. If everyone would keep that in mind and if everyone would seek Jesus wholeheartedly, things would be so very different. It is so sad and overwhelming to see the things we see on the news. But at least we know that we can pray and that the Lord hears us every time. I am so thankful for that. ❤️

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    1. Yes indeed Bridget. Jesus stands for peace and love and I hope that everyone involved in this movement keep that in mind. I pray that the lords hand will be felt through this to bring calm and lasting change for the better 💙.

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  4. Wow! So heartfelt, sis.
    Thank you for being brave and sharing your heart on this.
    All lives certainly do matter to Abba.
    Each and every one of them.
    We bear His image.
    We breathe His breath.
    Yes, black lives do matter – no doubt about that (I’m black after all 😉), but so do my other brothers and sisters of different ethnicity 🤗
    Let us pray for the heart – sin has caused us to feel superior to each other, sigh. May the Lord give us a heart of love ❤️

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