Making Decisions God’s way

The decisions we make, be it big ones of what to do with our lives, who to spend the rest of our lives with, or little daily ones of how we invest our time have an impact on us. As followers of Christ, making decisions God’s way should be our objective. But when our desires and need to control situations come into play, it can be challenging because it may not necessarily be what we want to hear or do at the time. In 1 Kings 22 we read about King Ahab, the king of Israel who wanted to fight … Continue reading Making Decisions God’s way

Be the loudest Voice for Jesus

Hello from down under. If anyone has had the dream of wanting to be a part of a dystopian themed movie, well, it sometimes does feel like it now or at least if all you see is the news, then you feel like it for sure. I have been very cautious with how I engage with social media at the moment. Whilst it keeps us informed and enables us to stay in touch with others, it can definitely drag you onto a path that can feed into any fear related to the current situation. I want to thank everyone who … Continue reading Be the loudest Voice for Jesus