The Believer’s Freedom

As a mum to a teenager, I do get asked quite a few ‘why’ questions that do not always have an easy answer. My son has come into an age now where he sees and then questions why some of his friends having a different moral compass to what we have demonstrated at home and have taught him. The other day on the drive to school, I was asked one of those ‘why’ questions and it was one of those questions that could not be answered quickly. Before I formulate an answer, I always try and get an idea of … Continue reading The Believer’s Freedom

Beauty, Joy and Praise

On the weekend, I attended a Women’s conference “Beauty for Ashes”, it was a 2-day conference and let me just start by saying that I worshipped, I learnt, I was encouraged and I wept. It was such a beautiful and uplifting time to be surrounded by women with a passion for God and a love and eagerness to share that with others and in addition we enjoyed some great food and some good laughs. On the morning of the second day we had a surprise, two baptisms, you read that right, not just one but two, both women were of … Continue reading Beauty, Joy and Praise

More Than Words

The Lord’s prayer, commonly known and widely used in worship, is said often and many a times by rote. It is ironic that Jesus gave us these words to teach us how to pray so that prayer would not be reduced to a ritualistic recital of certain choice words and yet these words are often recited without much thought. I grew up frequently reciting the Lord’s prayer and must admit that when I was young, have done so without giving it too much of thought. Later on, as I grew in my spiritual journey, I paused and looked hard at … Continue reading More Than Words

The Thread of Commonality

One of the most unexpected and rewarding things I have encountered in my fairly new journey of blogging is the support and encouragement I receive through the blogging community. Before, and even when I started, I was very doubtful anyone would ever want to read what I shared, and I still hesitate to dream big on reaching a wider audience. The other and awesome side of it all is the chance to do something in return. I have found reading, supporting, encouraging others and engaging with them so very rewarding and often times find myself shedding a tear or having … Continue reading The Thread of Commonality

In the Face of Worry

Response to an emotion can be very varied but experiencing basic emotions is very universal and shared by all. Worry is one such emotion that is not exclusive and is so very real. As Christians, we are not exempt from the trials and troubles of life nor are we ensured an unchallenging journey. So yes, we all do feel the weight of worry from time to time. The things we worry about are neither insignificant or inconsequential, it is human nature to lean into getting concerned and be disquieted. But we have to be mindful to not allow ourselves to … Continue reading In the Face of Worry

Be Still My Anxious Heart

Few of us are strangers to feeling anxious from time to time. It can creep in and infiltrate into our life and often overwhelmingly so. Last week, a friend’s daughter had a health scare. Initial tests were done resulting in a call back from her doctor about the results with the dreaded “Urgent” attached to it. You can only imagine what my friend was feeling. She always says that she excels at “catastrophising” and has to actively keep her anxious thoughts in check with supernatural help. This situation was one of those times when one worrying though tumbles into another … Continue reading Be Still My Anxious Heart

Embrace the Wait

We live in a culture of everything instant and we acquiesce to the idea that it is perfectly fine to gratify ourselves with whatever you want whenever you want it. We tend to be focused more on the pursuit of immediate satisfaction rather than the contentment that comes with the cumulation of deepening experiences. No one enjoys waiting, it gets us restless, anxious and it can be frustrating. It simply is not easy to wait. While everything in our world strives to make every attempt to make things quicker and easier and convince us that it is good. God has … Continue reading Embrace the Wait

The Tale of Three Banquets

The book of Esther begins with a series of banquets three years into the reign of King Xerxes. He ruled a vast empire that extended from India to Cush and we see him celebrate and flaunt his wealth. And so, the banquets begin. A banquet for the nobles, governors and officials in the kingdom. He shows off the glory and splendour of the riches of his kingdom, not for a few days but for a massive 180 days. A banquet for all the people in the citadel of Susa. This feast lasts for 7 days after the conclusion of the … Continue reading The Tale of Three Banquets

Christ’s Sacrifice

God is a God of Justice, Mercy and Grace. Justice, Mercy and Grace: how would you define these? Justice is receiving that which we deserve. Mercy is not getting the punishment that we so rightly deserve but receiving forgiveness.  And grace is the unmerited or the undeserving favour and blessings of God to the undeserving. The concept of justice and righteousness are profoundly connected in the Bible. Romans 3:23 says “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. In actuality, we deserve to be punished for our sins, but God is a God of Mercy. His Love … Continue reading Christ’s Sacrifice

The Privilege of Prayer

F.B Myer said “The greatest tragedy of life is not in unanswered prayer but in unoffered prayer”. Scripture clearly emphasizes the absolute importance of prayer offering us captivating glimpses of the importance and priority Jesus gave to prayer. Jesus said in Luke 18 to always pray and not give up. Mark 14:38 “Watch and pray so that you do not fall into temptation”. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 commands us to pray without ceasing. Romans 12:12 tells us we have to be faithful in prayer. Prayer allows us to pour our hearts out to God, to meditate and wait upon Him and … Continue reading The Privilege of Prayer