Gift of Time

Living with limits is the new norm at the moment. Living life with some confinement and limitation is something that we are all experiencing now. Limits on where you can go – only of it is essential, we are allowed to venture out. Limits on some essential items at the grocers – so as to have enough for everyone. To tackle what was allowed and not allowed, things were quickly categorised into essential and non-essential. It does not necessarily mean what is good and what is not but rather what is deemed essential and non-essential in the current climate.

Living with limits has inadvertently curtailed a lot of activities that can clutter our lives. In a culture that is always encouraging us towards more, keeping yourself first, to do, do, do and keep on doing. It often leads to more stuff, more clutter, more everything and yet less of what really matters.

This time has made me reflect on the gift of time that God has given us.

What do we do with that gift of time? – we often tend to fill it up with endless other things that can often be deemed as ‘non-essential’.

Essential vs non-essential.

One of the essential things that gets easily crowded out is ‘Time with God’.  Let’s take a look at Genesis, God created the heavens and earth and all that is in it, what did he do after?

In genesis 1:31 we read “God saw all that He had made and it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.”

After all that He did, God reflected on what he had done. Do we take the time in our day or week to regularly reflect on what we do?

To reflect on:

  • Our actions- have they been in any way displeasing to God or have they been in a rut of busyness barely acknowledging Him.
  • How have we used our words – did they build up rather than tear down others, did they acknowledge God aloud for all His blessings and provision or complain more, did they cry out for His help instead of lay blame.
  • Our thoughts – were they filled up more with things of this world rather than an awareness of our acknowledgement of His presence and dependence on Him.
  • How have we spent our time – filled with more non-essentials rather than essentials for our inner self.

One of the enemy’s weapons that we are aware he uses is to keep us too busy to take the time to reflect. When we crowd our lives with the non-essentials, we have no room left to take time to reflect. Notice I said crowd our lives with them, there is nothing wrong in doing all of things that God has blessed us with the opportunity to do but if that all we end up doing, what does that say about where our priorities lie.

Let’s get back to Genesis for a moment, after God reflected, what did he do. He rested

Genesis 2:2 “By the seventh day, God had finished the work he had been doing; so, on the seventh day he rested from all His work. And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy. Because on it he rested from all the work of creating that He had done.”

What does it mean for us to rest?

Physically resting – There is plenty of emphasis on the importance of physically resting that is beneficial towards maintaining our physical well-being and the benefits it extends towards our mental well-being too. How much more valuable is our spiritual well-being to us and so, how much more valuable in our eyes should, being able to spiritually rest in Him for our spiritual well-being be.

There is a difference in just resting for some downtime and resting that benefits our soul which is a ‘rest without distractions’. We do rest with distractions quite easily, resting on the couch in front of the telly, scrolling on the phone or doing other mindless things that helps us unwind. There is no harm in having some of that downtime.

But by taking rest only with distractions do we fall short of God’s plan for rest?

Resting that feeds the soul will include time with Him, for your soul to connect to its maker, to receive from Him, a time of quietness to hear from Him uninterrupted. A friend once shared with me that While Reflection is more ‘Me focused’, Resting in Him is more ‘God Focused’.

A rest in Him that gives us clarity; a clarity to

  • Hear His voice
  • Not idolise busyness
  • Avoid placing anything else before God
  • Not depend on our own strength
  • See His hand in all things
  • Trust in Him to provide all that we need
  • Sense His presence in the midst of our storms
  • Rest in His peace while we wait
  • Be thankful in all circumstances

Being able to rest this way is a gift from God. He has given us the beautiful gift of anytime access to Him in prayer, let’s not just squeeze Him into our clutter but clear out the clutter to focus on Him.

God has blessed each of us with the gift of time on this earth. Valuing that gift of time is essential.  Yes, we each have responsibilities that use up a lot of that time but with the blessing of the number of days He has given us on this earth are we so busy crowding it with things our God gives us that we crowd Him out in the process and there is no room to reflect and rest in His blessings with gratitude and allow that to swell into worship.

We may have many resources that He provides for us but we have only one source and that is HIM.

Hopefully we are all taking the time to think on what God is teaching us at this time. May we not leave these lessons behind but imbibe them into a better and more godly way of living.

What does valuing the gift of time look like in your life? Each of us have different lives and schedules and one way to value that gift of time is to ensure to make the time to reflect and rest in Him. It might be a few minutes a day to a few hours in the week. A reflection and rest that will flow out into all of our days and allows us to carry more of God’s reflection in our lives and that shapes and realigns our hearts to prioritize what is important.

God Bless.

34 thoughts on “Gift of Time

  1. This is a very beautiful and profound post, filled with wisdom.
    Time spent in God’s presence is well spent.
    For sure, we need to spend time just ‘being,’ rather than ‘doing’.
    The Lord is pleased when we seek to spend quiet time with him.
    Thanks for sharing this. 🤗

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  2. I think we will look back on this time much as our grandparents reflected on the Great Depression. Sure , there will be talk of the initial panic & hoarding of toilet paper. Some will talk about the loss of a loved one, or what it was like to work as first responder or in the medical field. But most of us will realize that we are forever changed. The question is, will you use this new insight to draw closer to God or will you push Him away?

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  3. Time is a gift and valuing that gift is important. I agree being over busy is a trick the enemy uses to keep us away from things that matter most, such as time with God. I like your friends quote. Time is flying and life is short so it’s important to prioritize correctly. Thank you Manu.

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    1. With time on my hands or at least a little more than usual, It made me think about what unnecessary things I tend to fill some of my day with and I want to make better God honouring use of the time He has blessed me with.
      Thank you Dawn 😊💙

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  4. This is a great post. Thank you for sharing. Regarding reflection – I used to be better about this. Thanks for the nudge to get that started again. And also regarding resting in the Lord’s presence, I would like to do more of that. I have seen how this really does refresh the soul. So I would love to make lasting changes in this area. So thank you for this nudge as well. God bless!

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    1. I used to do it more too but tend to skip in consistency. This time has definitely made me reflect more and realise that I should not find my value in busyness ( I like to keep busy).
      Thank you Bridget 😊💙

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  5. One quote that has come up repeatedly in my life has been “If the devil can’t make you sin, he’ll make you busy.”
    But during this quarantine I’ve been spending time in my “war room.” (Yeah, like the movie – a literal prayer closet.) It’s been so good to have uninterrupted time with the Lord. He renews me as I give Him my body and mind (Romans 12:1&2) and my heart, putting on the spiritual “armor” (Ephesians 6), cover myself, my family, and those dear to me with the “shield of faith,” pray for ministries I love, pray for our nation and its leaders, pray for the persecuted Church, pray for the nations, pray for revival … It’s been a blessing, but even more, seeing those prayers being ANSWERED … !!!
    To an unbeliever, these may look like wasted hours, but if it’s true what the Bible says, they’re hours that are changing the world. 😉

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    1. I love what you shared. They are definitely not hours wasted but invested. I have been spending more time with God now and want to continue doing so consistently and not fall back into filling my time with things that can seem necessary.
      I love that prayer closet idea like the war room. I remember wanting a space like that after I saw the movie but I make do with my favourite corner and a journal.

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      1. When we were looking at this house and deciding to buy it, I asked my husband if I could have “dibs” on that closet. He said “yes,” but I didn’t use it much until recently. I still try to get out and pray in other places, too. I don’t want to get into that subtle idolatry that gets it into my mind that somehow I have to be THERE to pray. 😉

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  6. This time while we are to shelter in place. It has made me realize that before, I was always busy, keeping a full schedule, not taking enough time to actually “rest and relax” in God’s presence to be still, silent, and listen for His whisper. I agree with you Manu we do need to value the gift of time, and with gratitude reflect on God’s goodness and rest in Him and find peace. I enjoyed your thoughtful post! Blessings!🌟

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    1. Thank you 😊. I was pretty much the same. This time has made me think about how much I tend to fill my time with and as a result not always finding the energy to sit quietly in His presence. This is something I hope to carry forward as we move on.

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  7. Rest that feeds our soul…yes, we would all benefit from learning to do this better. Wonderful post!
    Thank you so much for stopping by and liking my blog. I’m so glad to find yours. Blessings and peace, and soulful rest to you ❤

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  8. Oh you have left with so much wonderful “food for thought” sweet sister. You’ve reminded us that true rest can only be found in the One who made rest for us. You’ve cautioned us to be on guard highlighting that “One of the enemy’s weapons is to keep us too busy to take the time to reflect.” This is so true. No wonder scripture admonishes us to meditate on the law, day and night. Reading is good, but meditating is even better.

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    1. Thank you Dee 😊. This time has definitely made me rethink of how I tend to fill my time and is it all really necessary if it tends to leave me rushing through my time with God.
      What you said is so good – Reading scripture is good but meditating on it is even better.
      Blessings 😊💙


  9. Well said. Thanks for the reminder. Running the farm leaves little down time but the blessing of Sabbath rest can only be realized by stopping and spending time with Abba. My wife and I often sit on our front porch together having “coffee with God”. I’ve come to treasure those moments! I pray that you and you family are well as we all negotiate these different times.

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  10. Great post. Living with limited is little difficult for those who live a luxurious life. Anyway time forces everyone to go back to the life where our grandparents lived.

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    1. Living with limits has been a good reminder to not allow oneself to overload their life and time with all the non essentials. Hopefully we will remember all this when we move on from this season.
      Thank you 😊


  11. For me, night time is the right time to reflect on my day. Rarely am I able to say as God said…”And it was good.” I always fine some encounter I could have executed differently or better. But I don’t let it get me down. I silently pray and ask the Lord to pick me up, dust me off and start all over again on tomorrow. (I also ask Him if little Annie can sing it to me.) By the way, thanks for visiting my blog on Conversations With God Using Scripture.

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