Be the loudest Voice for Jesus

Hello from down under. If anyone has had the dream of wanting to be a part of a dystopian themed movie, well, it sometimes does feel like it now or at least if all you see is the news, then you feel like it for sure.

I have been very cautious with how I engage with social media at the moment. Whilst it keeps us informed and enables us to stay in touch with others, it can definitely drag you onto a path that can feed into any fear related to the current situation. I want to thank everyone who has blessed others by putting out encouraging posts, it has been a comfort and an encouragement to share a view of a scary situation through the lens of people who call the Lord their God.

Thanks to a well connected day and age we get a snapshot of the response to not only people in our lives but we also get a sense of the pulse of the world in this case. I have seen a full gamut of various responses- fear, panic, denial, anger, humour and hope. And being bombarded with a flood of other peoples opinions or reactions can drown out the clarity of the voice of God in all of this. We unquestionably have to be intentional with what we are consuming and listen to the voice of our heavenly father to stay grounded in His Peace.

As we continue to take steps to care for and look after each other and ourselves, something that we as the people of God have been definitely thinking about is – Our response to a crisis. We do know that the best way to witness the presence of God in our lives is through our actions and our reactions.

What are your actions and reactions – to not just an overall response in an indirect way to the situation but more so to the everyday little things that are happening and affecting you directly?

How do you act and respond when you are directly affected by:

  1. People who are rude, mean and selfish at the shops?
  2. Someone who might have a risk of being in contact or contracting the virus and was careless and decided to not isolate?
  3. The economic downturn as a consequence – loss of work or income?

It is one thing to be strong in general at this time but it is a whole another thing to act and respond with an assurance in His protection and provision when it is directly affecting you.

Do we embody a confidence in:

  1.  His protection when you are in the vulnerable group and have come in contact with an infected person.
  2. His provision when you have lost employment at the moment or your small business is struggling and you have a mountain of bills you know you will have to pay.

I pray that each one of us can operate out of a framework of Peace instead of Fear and live out our faith without traces of doubt. That would be the biggest testament of His grace in our lives. May we lean into His presence and rest in His care during this time.

The other aspect of our actions and reactions is to help and support those that God places in our path, I pray that we may be sensitive to the needs of others during this time.

Hebrews 13:16 “and do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

If we are uncertain of what to do, pray that He opens our eyes and hearts to a need in front of us. God has promised that He will “equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever.” (Hebrews 13:21)

A video on social media of a person in Italy playing his trumpet on his balcony for others during lockdown to spread some cheer and happiness was lauded and appreciated. We all cannot play the trumpet but what is our instrument to spread some cheer, some joy, some peace and hope into the space and community that we find ourselves in.

As we band together as a community and as one people may we be the loudest voice for Jesus in our space.  

God Bless and Stay safe.

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  1. Amen, we do need to work out of a framework of peace instead of fear. Also as Christians, we need to help one another. Without leaving our homes we can phone the lonely, contribute to agencies that are helping, and pray for Dr’s and health professionals, and people that work directly with the public, like the police, workers in drugstores and supermarkets.

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  2. Writing and encouraging is my instrument for sure, so Andrew was definitely right when he sent me back to blogging. I need it as much as anyone who may need to read my posts. Thanks for sharing. You’re posts are always very grounding. That’s definitely something we all need right now.

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  3. Excellent post! I love how you mentioned that we should pray and ask God to open our eyes to what we can do to help those around us. We never know how God will use us when we ask. That’s a great thing the man in Italy is doing. In Spain they come out of there homes at a certain time and start cheering and thanking the medical workers. This is a great time for us to be a loud voice for Jesus for sure!

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    1. Thank you Dawn 😊. I find that when we focus on reaching out and helping others we tend not to be so inward focused and fear has less of a chance of taking hold as a result.
      Blessings 😊💙

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  4. This touches on so many things I have been thinking about as well. I have been limiting how much news I watch and even how much I talk to others about it. But you are right, we can choose turn towards God, we can choose to strengthen our faith while lessening our fear, and we can choose to be a blessing in the midst of all of all this. Thanks for sharing this hopeful post. 💕

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    1. Thank you 😊 Bridget. The news can surely escalate any fear or worry about the situation. It is good to know and be informed but I realised that it is affecting me if I allow myself to watch it all the time.
      Stay safe and healthy 💙

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  5. Wonderful, wonderful work. You have uplifted so many here. It is so true that with peace, which comes from God and through the actions of His people, there will be a new world unlike anything we thought possible. It is hard to let go of the past. That is a sacrifice, not unlike that made by Abraham, but in modern terms now. It seems to me that the some of our greed and fear that continues to drive our hopes for economic safety are just not going to yield a world of peace. And it seems to me that we have preached that God’s word is available to all peoples, but have not really taken that to heart. At its deepest, universal love means letting go of the idea that competition is the be all and end all of progress. The delay and, no doubt restructuring, of the Olympics is just one example of the flexible rethinking ahead that is going to be required. May all the world celebrate human endurance and skill, but for the love of it, not for the money or at any cost. Hope this does not sound too preachy. I love your writing here today Perth girl.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and yes I do hope people look beyond economic stability for their security and realise who should they be truly depending on. May we as people learn from this experience in many ways.
      Stay safe.


  6. Needed reminder sis! I remember when all of this news of the virus spreading to US began to be all I would hear and see I found myself walking in panic and fear. It was almost as though anxiety gripped me. I had to tell a few relatives to not send me any more news on this issue – let me walk in oblivion and getting the needed news on my time. If we are not careful and walk with His armor, we will end up panicking and thus causing His light in us to be shielded by fear. I’m so thankful the Lord has a way to grab our attentions and as you rightly said, provide others who speak truth and hope and faith into our hearts.

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    1. Same here Dee, it has caused and still causing panic in people and that affects how each of us feel. Makes you really dig into the peace of God when everything around seems to be in chaos. There is absolutely no room to lean on anything other than Him in such a situation and that is such a learning process of completely resting in His peace.

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  7. A friend I had met on Facebook came to my house last week with her ukulele. It was the first time we had ever gotten together. I got out my guitar, and we sat on separate ends of my porch and sang. A neighbor from across the street walked over (She had just had her second knee replacement!) and sat on a chair in the yard to listen. After singing, we prayed for one another before going our separate ways. 🙂

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  8. There is such godly wisdom in your writing! Thank you for encouraging and sharing what God’s put on your heart. It is so important that we filter what we are allowing ourselves to read, watch, and eventually digest. I am only skimming the news app on my phone and like you, being careful to focus on my relationship with Jesus and being encouraged by other followers of Him. Thanks for a lovely post!

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  9. We stumbled over here by a different website and thought I should check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking over your web page for a second time.


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